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Common Failure Checking of AC Motor


During operation, AC motors are inevitably malfunctioni […]

During operation, AC motors are inevitably malfunctioning due to friction, vibration, insulation aging, etc. If these faults are inspected, discovered and eliminated in time, they can effectively prevent accidents.

Common failure checking

1. Listen to the sound, carefully find the fault point AC asynchronous motor is running, if you find a thin buzz sound, there is no change in height, which is a normal sound, if the sound is thick and sharp buzz sound or sizzle sound which are precursors to failures and it should be considered for the following reasons:

(l) The vibration of the iron core loose AC motor during operation, the change of the temperature will be high and low, the iron core fixing bolt will be deformed, causing the silicon steel sheet to loosen and generate large electromagnetic noise.

(2) Rotor noise The sound produced by the rotation of the rotor is generated by the cooling fan. If there is a “click” sound when the drum is hit, this is the sudden start, stop and reverse connection of the AC motor. In the case of braking and other shifting conditions, the acceleration torque causes the loosening of the rotor core and the shaft, and the lighter can continue to be used, and the heavy one can be opened for inspection and repair.

2. Using the sense of smell, the fault motor is odor-free in normal operation. If it smells different, it is a fault signal, such as burnt smell, which is caused by the insulation of the barbecue, and with the increase of the temperature of the AC motor, when it is serious It also emits smoke; if it is oily, it is mostly the lack of oil in the bearing, and the odor of oil and gas evaporates when it is close to the dry grinding state.

3. Using the feel, check the fault, touch the outer casing of the TV by hand, you can roughly judge the temperature. If you touch the AC Direction Motor casing with your hand, you will feel very hot. The temperature value is very high. Check the cause, such as excessive load and voltage. Higher, then troubleshoot for the cause.