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Compared to DD Washer Motor, BLDC Washer Motor is More Popular


Due to its large output torque, DD washer motor can be […]

Due to its large output torque, DD washer motor can be directly connected to the moving device, eliminating the need for connecting devices such as reducer, gear box and belt, which makes the speed regulation range wider, make the response speed faster, make the noise lower, and make the efficiency higher, which represents the industry. The advanced level and development direction. However, due to structural changes, DD washer motors require washing machine manufacturers to completely change the traditional installation mode, and the cost is high, mainly for high-end products. The BLDC washer motor is more widely used because it has no difference in structure from the traditional washer motor and is more efficient.

DD direct drive washer motor seems to be very beautiful, but it is still limited by the balance design of the washing machine manufacturers, and is limited by the large changes in the production line of the washer motor enterprise, testing the comprehensive strength of the production enterprise, which is not a small challenge for emerging brand. An engineer from Little Swan Washing Machine told reporters: "There are several key technologies in the washing machine. The first is the water flow, which determines whether the washing machine can wash the clothes. The second is the washer motor technology, which determines the comprehensive performance of the washing machine. The third is structural design, including display, appearance, etc. Water flow, washer motor and automatic placement and other technologies must rely on time accumulation and accumulation, and there is a way for emerging brands to go."

In the international market, washing machine manufacturers also have different choices of motors. Japan and South Korea mainly rely on DD motors, representing Toshiba and LG, while Europe mainly focuses on BLDC motors. The representative brands are Bosch and Siemens. For the washer motor supplier, such as the washing machine motor industry leading company Welling, who choose BLDC as the main development direction. DD will also be laid out. Welling said that Welling has made a clear understanding of the development direction of the washer motor development route through the visit of important external customers, the internal machine and the motor unit. The energy-saving, miniaturization, replacement and cost advantages of the washing machine become the key development direction in the future. DDwasher motors are mainly used as an auxiliary product for some customers' individual needs. Click here for more information.