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Evolution of Washer Motor II


In order to adapt to different needs, the Washing Machi […]

In order to adapt to different needs, the Washing Machine Motor has been improving!

In order to solve the "faulty" washer motor, the carbon brush is decisively discarded, which effectively reduces the wear and makes the washing machine work more smoothly. In order to remove the "six-story strange" motor, it began to remove the belt and other transmission devices, and strive to connect directly to the inner tube of the washing machine. Two washer motor forms have emerged for this purpose:

BLDC motor

Known as a brushless DC motor, it is currently the most widely used variable frequency motor in washing machines. Mainstream washing machine brands such as ASKO, Miele, Bosch/Siemens all use BLDC.

BLDC motor stepless speed can reach 10,000 revolutions per minute

Compared with traditional DC motors, BLDC has the advantages of lower maintenance cost, longer service life, higher starting torque, wider speed range, faster dynamic response and smaller current noise.

DD motor

Known as the permanent magnet synchronous direct drive motor (DDM), the DD motor cancels the traditional BLDC transmission (belt, reducer and gear box, etc.), and the rotation efficiency is high and the rotational speed is large. This process has gone through four generations.

The first generation: go to the belt, go to the clutch, no need for transmission, open the motor and the inner cylinder, energy-saving shock absorption and noise reduction

The second generation: external replacement of steel frame, cold-rolled core steel plate, internal spiral structure blessing, increasing service life

The third generation: replacing aluminum coils, learning the world's first six smart hand washing techniques to improve washing performance

The fourth generation: to achieve sensorless motor, replace the core motor steel plate, improve the core material, improve energy efficiency

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