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Evolution of Washer Motor III


Stepping Motor Different from the voltage conversion co […]

Stepping Motor

Different from the voltage conversion control of ordinary motor, the precise control of the line-of-sight current of stepping washer motor can emulate the washing, squeezing, shaking, and other laundry methods of human washing clothes, strengthen the washing function, remove stubborn stains, and greatly improve the washing machine. Performance and flexibility make the washing machine more powerful, more durable, quieter and more energy efficient.

The Sentiment of the evolution of washer motor

As the "heart" of the washing machine, the washer motor is the core component of the washing machine. Just like the CPU of a computer or the engine of a car, the performance of the washing machine motor directly determines the performance, durability and quality of the washing machine. At this point, the evolution of the Washing Machine Motor has come to an end, and I look forward to a more exciting journey of the motor!

Common scientific knowledge about washer motor

Why the washer motor is overheated?

1. If the washing material is placed too much, the motor will be overloaded, and the washer motor temperature will rise rapidly. At this time, the amount of washing should be appropriately reduced. Washer motors with a higher motor temperature rise also have an insulating oil smell when the insulating paint is not well dried.

2. The washer motor is blocked and cannot be rotated because the pulsator is caught by the clothes or the power supply is equal. The fault should be quickly eliminated to prevent the washer motor from burning out. Generally, the washer motor will not burn out within 30 minutes of blocking.

3. If the voltage is too low, the washer motor will not operate normally, causing the current of the motor to increase and overheating. At this point, it is best to pause the work.

4. During the washer motor manufacturing process, there are quality problems, odors appear, and the motor should be exchanged.