• AC motor VS DC motor

    AC motor VS DC motor

    Let's have a look: AC motor is an electric motor driven by an alternating current (AC), and a DC motor is any of a class of rotary electrical motors that converts direct current electrical energy into mechanical energy. What is the difference between these two types of motors? This depends on the wo...

    Mar 25,2020 Industry News
  • Characteristics&Application of AC Motors

    Characteristics&Application of AC Motors

    The characteristics of AC motors are: 1. AC motors are cheaper to manufacture. 2. The development of vector frequency conversion technology can already be converted into DC power by frequency conversion motor. 3. Compared with DC motors, it has sufficient advantages in terms of simple structure, eas...

    Mar 26,2020 Industry News
  • The Development of AC Motors

    The Development of AC Motors

    In 1832, single-phase alternators were known, and the commutator in a DC motor is a specific device designed to achieve the mutual conversion between the alternating current in the winding and the DC current at the port. However, before 1870, due to the lack of production requirements and the limita...

    Mar 27,2020 Industry News
  • Do You Know AC Motor

    Do You Know AC Motor

    First, why does the AC motor generate shaft current? The current in the shaft-bearing-basic circuit of a motor is called the shaft current. Causes of shaft current: (1) the asymmetry of the magnetic field; (2) There are harmonics in the power supply current; (3) The manufacturing and installation ar...

    Mar 28,2020 Industry News
  • AC Motor Is The Most Common Motor

    AC Motor Is The Most Common Motor

    Introduction of AC Motor Due to the tremendous development of AC power systems, AC motors have become the most commonly used motors. Compared with DC motors, AC motors do not have a commutator (see DC motor commutation), so they have a simple structure, easy to manufacture. The coverage of AC motor ...

    Mar 31,2020 Industry News
  • DD Motor Directly Drives Pulsator or Drum to Rotate

    DD Motor Directly Drives Pulsator or Drum to Rotate

    DD is the abbreviation of Direct Driver. The washing machine says that the DD Washing Machine Motor is the motor that directly drives the pulsator or the drum to rotate. It does not need to pass the washer motor of the belt drive. Therefore, strictly speaking, DD can only be said to be A driving met...

    Apr 01,2020 Industry News