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Policies And Standards Drive The Development of Washer Motors


Compared with traditional induction motors and series-e […]

Compared with traditional induction motors and series-excited motors, variable-frequency washer motors have obvious advantages in energy saving and noise reduction, and become representative of energy-saving washer motors.

On May 16, 2012, in the new round of national energy-saving products Huimin project, washing machines were included. This policy is a signal in the eyes of motor companies, marking the transformation and upgrading of energy-saving products in the washing machine industry. During the interview, the reporter noted that many Washing Machine Motor companies are stepping up the development of new energy-saving and noise-reducing motors.

In addition to the propensity to stimulate the policy, more and more stringent washing machine energy efficiency requirements also provide more development opportunities for inverter motors. With the improvement of energy efficiency requirements of the washing machine market, the market share of induction washer motors for ordinary pulsator washing machines will gradually decrease, and the market for DD or DDM DC brushless motors will become more and more prosperous.

The reporter learned that BG12021.4-2004 "Electric washing machine energy consumption limit value and energy efficiency rating" revised standard "electric washing machine energy consumption, water consumption limit value and grade" is currently being published in the WTO / TBT, is expected to be officially released in the second half Implementation. According to the standard approval draft, the unit's power consumption, unit water consumption, and washing ratio have been greatly improved compared with the original standard. In addition, the biggest change in the standard is to change the original full load test to a combination of full load and half load test.

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