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Washer Motor - Motor Classification


A motor is a power machine whose main task is to perfor […]

A motor is a power machine whose main task is to perform energy conversion. According to the energy conversion method, the motor can be divided into:

1. Converting mechanical energy into electrical energy - a generator;

2. Converting of electrical energy into mechanical energy - the motor;

3. Converting electrical energy into electrical energy - a commutator for varying current (AC to DC); a frequency converter for varying the frequency; a transformer for varying the voltage.

4, does not take power transmission as the main function, but in the electrical machinery system plays the role of regulation, amplification and control - motor amplifier and various micro-control motors.

According to the speed classification, the motor can be divided into:

1. There is no fixed synchronous turn----DC motor;

2. Static electrical appliance---transformer;

3. When operating as a motor, the speed is always less than the synchronous speed n. (n=60f/p). When the generator is running, the speed is always greater than the synchronous speed—the induction motor;

4, the speed is equal to the synchronous speed - step motor;

5, the speed can be adjusted in a wide range: within the range - AC commutator motor.

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