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Why Micro DC Motors Are Widely Used


In daily life, we will always come into contact with el […]

In daily life, we will always come into contact with electronic products, such as mobile phones, household fans, electronic beauty devices, electric toothbrushes, silicone facial cleansers, massage device, etc. In these products, they are driven by micro motors,attentive one can find that in these electronic products, the most widely used is the micro DC motor.

The advantage of the micro DC motor is that it can maintain a balanced torque output over a wide range of revolutions, which cannot be achieved by AC motors, and the speed regulation performance of the micro DC motor is very good. The micro DC motor can achieve uniform and smooth under load conditions. The stepless speed regulation and the speed regulation range are relatively wide. Another point is that the starting torque of the DC motor is relatively large. Like electric locomotives and trams, DC motors are used.

The micro DC motor can be adjusted by the armature voltage and the excitation current. The common method is pulse width modulation (PWM). The H-bridge circuit of PWM can achieve high-power speed regulation (the previous article has explained in detail a DC motor speed regulation method).

In actual application, the performance of the product is different. The speed regulation method of the micro DC motor is different, and the type of the DC motor is different. Each has its own argument), not all DC motor speed adjustment methods are the same, just like a micro DC motor, it only needs to increase and reduce the current and voltage to adjust the speed operation.

In addition, the price of DC motors is relatively cheap, like brushed DC motors, the cheapest one can be bought for more than one, and if you want better performance, you can choose a brushless DC motor.